How To | Troubleshoot Softphone issues

Learn tips and methods for recognizing, diagnosing, and resolving common softphone issues.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Network Issues
If the Core is using more than one Ethernet interface, make sure that the subnets for each interface do not overlap and that only one interface has a gateway. Refer to the Basic (Network) topic in Core Manager Help.

Softphone Network Setup 
Confirm the Softphone is configured to use the correct network interface (LAN A, LAN B, etc). Refer to the Softphones topic in Core Manager Help.

Softphone Setup
Confirm the softphone settings are correct with the VoIP provider. Refer to the Conferencing Integration topic in Q-SYS Help.

Proxy Connection
Ping the proxy from the Core to check that the Core can "see" it. In a browser:

  1. Use <IP address of Core>/debug/network" (for example
  2. Select the correct network card.
  3. Enter the IP or name of the proxy.
  4. Click "Go". If you get no response, the Core cannot reach the proxy.

Other Useful Tools

  • SIP log -  This shows a log of all SIP communication between the Core and the proxy. In the softphone settings, make sure that logging is enabled. Then, in a browser, use <IP address of Core>/sip.txt" (for example The newest entries are are the bottom. Note that the log itself is continuously updated but any additions are not automatically updated in the browser. The page will therefore need to be refreshed manually to see the latest entries. Each entry is time stamped with the Core's date and time. To avoid possible confusion, make sure the Core's date and time are correct.
  • Packet Capture - This captures the packets on the port the softphone is using and may be useful to see what data the softphone is sending and receiving. In a browser, use <IP address of Core>/pcap_cpature.html" (for example Select the required LAN port and click the start button. Do whatever tests are necessary on the softphone, click the stop button, and then the download button. The downloaded file can be viewed in Wireshark.