How To | Adding audio files to the Timeline component

Learn how to add audio files to the Timeline component.

Updated at May 3rd, 2023


Before following this procedure, make sure your design is in Run mode (i.e., you are connected to the design running on the Core) and contains a Timeline component.

  1. Open the Timeline component to view the files list on left side.
  2. Choose the directory for the desired file by clicking the triangle just left of the directory name.
  3. Choose the file, and then drag it into the desired Timeline audio track.
  4. You can move the file up and down the timeline to achieve the desired position for playback (just like many DAWs).
  5. Press Play.


This component is still in BETA status and some functions might not work from Q-SYS version to version. This function was tested and working in QDS 9.1.2 and 9.2.1.