How To | Transmiting a single stream to multiple Cores

Learn how to share a single stream across multiple cores.

Updated at May 9th, 2023

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With Core-to-Core streaming, a situation may arise where you need to transmit audio from one Q-SYS Core processor to multiple Cores. Since Q-LAN streams are unicast, this is not possible with Q-LAN Transmitters - a transmitted Q-LAN stream can only be selected on a single Q-LAN Receiver. If you attempt to select the same Q-LAN stream on multiple Q-LAN Receivers, only one will work while others are likely to fault to a "PTP Grandmaster Mismatch" error.

To stream from one Core to multiple Cores, there are a few options:

  • use System Links for transmitting multicast audio between Cores
  • use AES67 Receivers and Transmitters
  • use a separate Q-LAN Transmitter for each destination Q-LAN Receiver

For more information, refer to the Q-SYS Help: