Awareness | LED Status - unD4O

Learn the different LED statuses of the unD4O

Updated at June 8th, 2023


The front panel LEDs show the Dante™/AES67 diagnostic status. If network or audio problems persist, these LEDs may assist in identifying issues. The LED’s are POWER, SYS, ERR and SYNC and the color of each LED has different meanings. The tables below show the combination and what each combination means.

LED LED State Status
POWER solid AMBER Device booting
solid GREEN Boot successful
SYS solid RED Dante/AES67 Interface booting
solid GREEN Dante/AES67 Interface ready
ERROR solid YELLOW Capability is corrupted
solid RED Memory stack overflow
SYNC solid YELLOW PTP syncing
solid RED PTP error / No sync / PTP disabled
solid GREEN synced Slave
flashing GREEN Master
SYS, ERROR, SYNC flashing GREEN Identify

For more information, see the unD4O user manual.