Troubleshooting | USB Video Bridge shows Status OK but unable to view PTZ camera streams on PC

Updated at February 2nd, 2023

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Table of Contents


USB Video Bridge shows OK status in Q-SYS. PC is however unable to view PTZ camera streams.


A few configuration and connection issues can prevent camera streams from properly passing over USB Bridging.

  • Improper network configuration on the Core
  • Peripherals communicating to the wrong NIC on the Core
  • Network configuration of the PTZ is not set to the correct network

Solution | Workaround

  • In Core Manager, check that the network settings does NOT include duel-gateways.
    • Having a gateway set to each NIC is known to cause communication issues between the Core and connected peripherals.
  • Ensure the LAN A / B ports do NOT have overlapping subnet / IP ranges.
    • Setting ports on a single device to overlapping ranges is known to cause communication issues between any network communication devices.
  • Check that ALL Q-SYS peripherals and the Core are using the LAN A network for communication.
    • LAN A is the primary QLAN network port meant for all Q-SYS processors and peripherals to communicate properly. Crossing ports or using LAN B in the primary setup will not guarantee stability to the system.