FAQ | What are the NV-32-H power supply requirements?

Find out what power source is needed to run the NV-32-H power supply in this article.

Updated at November 20th, 2023

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The Q-SYS NV-32-H Network Video Endpoint and NV-32-H (Core Capable) can use PoE++ or an external power source. The units do not ship with an external power supply.

PoE++ Requirements

The injector or switch must be rated for 802.3bt Type 4 PoE++ and provide up to 90 watts. Do not attempt to power the NV-32-H from a network switch unless you confirm that it meets this specification. 


This wattage requirement exceeds the power available from the Q-SYS NS Dell switches available from QSC.


We highly recommend using the ++ model of NS Series Gen 2 Network switches, NS10-720++ and the NS26-1440++, when powering the NV-32-H over PoE++. This will eliminate the need for additional hardware.

Below is a sample list of two suitable PoE injectors for powering the NV-32-H and NV-32-H (Core Capable). QSC engineers have evaluated these but there are other equivalent solutions as well.

  • Phihong USA POE90U-1BT
  • Microsemi PD-9601GO


It has been determined through internal testing and reports from the field that intermittent opertation is found when using the following POE injectors for powering the NV-32-H. These injectors are not recommended for use with the NV-32-H.

  • Cudy POE400
  • Cudy POE350
  • Trendnet TPE-119GI

External Power Supply Requirements

The external power supply must be rated for 48V 1.5 - 2.5A DC. (2A power supply is recommended for extended cable runs. This resource can help calculate voltage drop over distance.)

What about Phantom Power?

The audio input on the NV-32-H Network Video Endpoint and NV-32-H (Core Capable) does not offer phantom power. It is a PC-level audio input that offers a mic voltage bias adjustment, configurable in Q-SYS Designer Software.