FAQ | Why is my Core 110f only allowing for 80x64 or 64x64 network audio channels when the spec says 128x128?

Learn why your Core 110f audio network is limited to 64x64 channels instead of the specified 128x128.

Updated at November 2nd, 2023


By default, a Q-SYS Core 110f processor allows for 128x128 network audio channels (QLAN/AES67). However, if the USB Video Bridge is enabled on the Core and is in the design, the Core 110f's network audio channel count reduces to 80 x 64 (Q-SYS version 9.7 and later) or 64 x 64 (Q-SYS version 9.6 and earlier). If you exceed these channel counts in combination with the USB Video Bridge in the design, the Check Design tool indicates this error: