FAQ | Why don't DPA Series amps have DataPort connectors?

Learn why DPA Series amps don't have DataPort connectors and the advantages and disadvantages of relying on pre-gain for signal routing.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


DPA amplifiers are not designed to be used with DataPort equipped QSC Cinema products such as the DCM, DCP and DPM. DPA amplifiers feature on-board DSP crossovers that are duplicated in the DCM, DCP and DPM. 

The primary use case for DPA amplifiers is to replace DCA and ISA amplifiers that require accessory crossover modules like the XC-3 and SF-3 input analog modules in systems that don’t use DataPort processors. In most cases, DPA provides higher quality DSP crossover settings, easier set-up and configuration, reduced rack space and weight and often at a lower overall system cost compared to ISA and DCA solutions with crossover modules.