FAQ | Why does Software Dante connect to no more than four microphones or devices?

Learn the reasons behind the limitation on the number of microphones and devices Software Dante can connect to.

Updated at May 23rd, 2023


The 8x8 Software Dante License (included with Core 110f processors manufactured with version 8.3 or later) uses eight channels but only four streams. Each transmitting microphone or device produces a separate stream. Depending on the mic or device and its settings, that stream can have one or two channels. 

For example, if you use four single-channel mics or devices, these four streams equal the capacity of the 8x8 Software Dante license, even though the channel count is only four.  

For a higher channel capacity, order and install the SL-DAN-16-P, which is the 16-channel Software Dante license.

Refer to the Q-SYS Help for more information, including details on channel and stream usage: