FAQ | Where would I use a Cinema Core 510c versus a Cinema Core 110c?

Find out the differences between the Cinema Core 510c and the Cinema Core 110c, and decide which one is right for you.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


The Cinema Core 110c is best for 5.1 or 7.1 cinemas or as the sole cinema processor in most Atmos installations. The Cinema Core 110c has 128x128 network audio channels, and the Cinema Core 510c has 256x256 network audio channels. 

For most cinemas, the Cinema Core 110c is all you need, even for multiple rooms on a single Core. 

If you need AES/EBU (AES3) input, DataPort, mic/line or other types of I/O options, the Cinema Core 510c might be a better choice since it allows the use of up to eight I/O cards for a variety of configurations.