FAQ | I’m configuring the power budget of my switch. Do I have to use PoE+ on the NL Series network loudspeakers if it’s available?

Learn how to efficiently configure the power budget of a switch to accommodate PoE-ready NL Series network loudspeakers.

Updated at April 24th, 2023


By default, the Q-SYS NL Series network loudspeakers are configured to operate as PoE 802.3af Class 0 devices. Using Q-SYS Designer Software, the system designer has the option to allow PoE+ capability to be advertised to the connected switch or mid-span injector to boost the overall output power of the loudspeakers. This option is provided to allow the system designer to manage the overall power utilization of the switch. In PoE Class 0 mode, the loudspeaker will draw up to 15.4 W at the PoE switch port. In PoE+ 802.3at Class 4 mode, the loudspeaker will draw up to 30W at the PoE switch port.