FAQ | How many WAN/Media Stream channels do the Core 8 Flex and Core Nano support?

Learn the number of WAN and media stream channels the Core 8 Flex and Core Nano support.

Updated at May 9th, 2023

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Both the Core 8 Flex and Core Nano support up to 12 WAN/Media Stream Rx channels as well as 12 Tx channels. Additionally, the max number of receivers (or transmitters) is 4. For example, you can have 4 Media Stream Rx components with 3 channels each, but you cannot have 5 Media Stream Rx components with 2 channels each. Even though the latter would only give you 10 Rx channels, you would still be surpassing the Media Stream components limit of 4. You can have any combination of WAN and Media Stream components as long as the combined number of channels does not exceed 12 inputs or outputs AND the combined number of receiving or transmitting components does not exceed 4.

For more information, refer to the Q-SYS Help: