FAQ | Can the Attero Tech unD4I-L supply 24V DC power out the PWR Link terminal block connector when powered from PoE?

Find out if the Attero Tech unD4I-L can provide 24V DC power output from the PWR Link terminal block connector when using PoE power.

Updated at May 23rd, 2023

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Yes.  The unD4I-L will pass regulated 24V DC power to the PWR Link output connector when powered via PoE, DC barrel jack input or the 24V PWR Link input.


The amount of power available at the this output is limited by the PoE PSE (switch or midspan injector) with a a maximum of 15.4W.  Typically the unD4I-L draws less than 6W of power. However, this also depends on any phantom powered microphones or loads connected to the logic outputs. Whatever power that is not used by the unD4I-L from the maximum the switch can supply will be available through the PWR link connector.


It is recommended that an inline PoE power meter or inspection of the PoE status and power draw reported by the switch by used to determine the actual PoE load seen by the power sourcing equipment, in order to determine the available power remaining for peripheral products connected to the PWR Link DC output.