How To | Update the firmware on a Core 110f

Learn step-by-step how to update the firmware on a Core 110f, giving you the most current version of the firmware.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


When you install a new version of Q-SYS Designer Software on your PC and then select File > Save to Core & Run, Q-SYS Designer detects whether the Core's firmware is older than the QDS version and alerts you that the hardware needs to be updated. Clicking Update automatically:

  1. Updates the Primary Core and reboots. 
  2. Updates the Backup Core (if present) and reboots. 
  3. Updates all peripherals in the design, in parallel, and reboots. 

Additional details are provided both in the Q-SYS Level 1 Training and in the Q-SYS Help in Installing and Updating Software and Firmware