How To | Utilizing Teams CSS Design from Asset Manager

Learn how to effectively leverage Team's CSS design from Asset Manager to improve your project's design.

Updated at November 1st, 2023


Use the following steps for installing the Microsoft Teams CSS Design from Asset Manager:

  1. Open Q-SYS Design Software
  2. Open Asset Manager
    1. a working internet connection is required
  3. Search for “teams”

  1. Click the button labeled “Install”
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Navigate to "~\Documents\QSC\Q-Sys Designer\Assets\qsc-managed-plugins\MicrosoftTeamsRoomCSS.\content"


    ‘~’ represents the users home folder.

  4. Right click the compressed folder called “teams”. 
  5. Click “Extract All…”
  6. Click on “Browse…”
  7. Navigate to “~\Documents\QSC\Q-Sys Designer\Styles”


    ‘~’ represents the users home folder. If the folder does not exist, create it.

  8. Click “Select Folder”
  9. Head back to Q-SYS Designer
    1. Make sure you are in the design you want to install the CSS style into
  10. Click “Tools” in the Menu Bar
  11. Click “Show Design Resources…”
  12. Next to “Teams” click “Install Style”

  1. Navigate to the UCI you want to assign the style to
  2. In the properties of that UCI select the “Teams” style.