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How To | Update firmware on new Q-SYS device

Learn the step-by-step process for updating a firmware on the new Q-SYS device.

Updated at April 23rd, 2024


Sometimes, a new Q-SYS device will show that it is not running the most recent, publicly released Q-SYS firmware. This is because Q-SYS products are not always manufactured with the most recent firmware. To resolve this:

  1. Open the most recent version of Q-SYS Designer Software. The latest version is available from the QSC Software and Firmware page.
  2. Open your design file from within that version.
  3. Make sure that the names assigned in your design for the Q-SYS Core and other Inventory items match the hardware names as seen in Q-SYS Configurator (Tools > Show Configurator).
  4. Select File > Save to Core & Run (or press F5).
  5. The Core will note the difference in firmware versions and prompt you to update. 
  6. Go ahead and choose to update. 
  7. The Core will process its firmware update, reboot, and then push firmware updates to the peripheral devices in your design.
  8. Those devices will then update and reboot.