How To | Scripting a delay in Q-SYS

Learn how to script a delay in Q-SYS.

Updated at May 8th, 2023

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The Timer object built into Lua in Q-SYS has a CallAfter function. This is known as a "simple timer" and is described in the Q-SYS Help here.

The concept is as follows:

Timer.CallAfter(function() --[[the stuff to do after the TimeInSeconds value is complete]] end, TimeInSeconds)

For example, if you have a momentary button that needs to be toggled without a user button press:

TimeInSeconds = 3.5               --Define the amount of time to wait to do the function
Controls.Button[1].Value = 1      --Sets the first Control named Button to a high position

Timer.CallAfter(function()        --The Simple Timer function that will be delayed
  Controls.Button[1].Value = 0    --Sets the first Control named Button to a low position
  end, TimeInSeconds)             --Ends the instructions nested in the Simple Timer with the Delay Defined