How To | Locate AES67 Receiver in Dante Controller

Discover the steps needed to find and connect to an AES67 Receiver using the Dante Controller software.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Unlike AES67 Transmitters, Q-SYS does not advertise AES67 Receivers with SAP, and so they do not show as devices in Dante Controller. You can think of the Q-SYS AES67 Receiver as a "listener," just like Dante Controller. (You don't need to rely on Dante Controller to manage subscriptions.)

To receive AES67 in Q-SYS: 

  1. You must enable AES67 on Dante devices. 
  2. Create multicast flows within Dante Controller.
  3. At that point, you can select the stream in the AES67 Receiver within Q-SYS Designer.

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