How To | Get sound from my Bluetooth® device

Learn how to quickly and easily connect your Bluetooth® device for sound streaming.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


While most sources with Bluetooth® capability will automatically switch the audio output to the connected Bluetooth® output, on occasion the source operating system may not make the switch. When this occurs, users may experience either no output or output still coming from the source device speakers.


Use the steps below to insure your device is set to the proper output and troubleshoot no output as necessary. In most cases, it should only be necessary to go through one or two of the steps. Only continue down the list if a step yields no results.

  1. Check your Bluetooth® settings to insure your device is Connected/Paired to the Attero Tech unit
  2. Check the device volume/output settings to insure the connected Bluetooth® device is the selected output
  3. Some apps may also have independent output controls. Check the application sound output to insure the Bluetooth® connection is selected as the output device
  4. Forget the Attero Tech unit from the connected Bluetooth® device list and re-pair
  5. Restart/reboot the the device and re-pair
  6. Power cycle the Attero Tech device and re-pair
  7. Call Attero Tech - Tech Support to further troubleshoot and create an RMA if necessary