How To | Fix Q-SYS device that only connects to the network briefly

Gain an understanding of how to troubleshoot and fix a Q-SYS device that is having difficulty staying connected to the network.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


This may be due to the network switch being configured to allow only approved MAC addresses. Check the network switch security settings. If MAC address filtering is enabled, you must add the Q-SYS device to the "allowed" list:

  1. Connect your PC directly to the Q-SYS device.
  2. Open Q-SYS Designer > Tools > Show Configurator.
  3. Select the device to obtain its MAC address.
  4. In the network switch configuration, add the MAC address to the "allowed" list.

More Information

  • Switches deal with unapproved devices in different ways. For example, some devices may momentarily establish an Ethernet connection but then almost immediately the link goes down and stays down. This sequence repeats any time the device is connected to the switch.
  • If a device is repaired, it may result in a new MAC address. In this case, you would need to add the new MAC address to the switch's "allowed" list.