How To | Fix AES67 devices in unIFY show up in red with a line through them

Learn how to diagnose and resolve red exclamation points with a line through them in unIFY associated with AES67 devices.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


There are several possible reasons for this, but we have a fix for all of them.

Network Settings

Check the multicast filtering setup on the switch as that could be blocking the audio.


Firewall or AV issue

Firewall and software settings could block the required traffic, try turning them off or temporarily disabling them. 



The interface card used to connect to the network has IPV6 enabled which is known to interfere with correct operation. 

  1. Close unIFY.
  2. Go to “Control Panel-> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter settings”.
  3. Right-click on the adapter used to connect to the audio network and select properties.
  4. Find the IPV6 option.
  5. Uncheck it.
  6. Click OK. 
  7. Now run unIFY again.