How To | Find the correct Q-SYS Camera settings for compatibility with Mersive Solstice Pod Conference Bridge

Learn how to configure a Q-SYS camera for optimum performance with Mersive Solstice Pod conference bridge.

Updated at November 10th, 2023

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The information in this article is applicable for Q-SYS versions 9.2.1 and below.


Based on QSC testing, the Mersive Solstice Pod Gen 3 running firmware 5.1 can support up to 720p MJPEG USB video. (1080p and YUY2 are not supported formats at this time.)

For the Q-SYS camera to function through a Solstice Conference Bridge, the Stream1 resolution must be changed from 1080p to 720p and Stream 2 should be disabled. If the Q-SYS cameras are left at default values - 1080p and Stream 2 enabled (360p) - Windows will show an operation failure and the device cannot start in Windows:

Once the settings have been changed to Stream 1 = 720p and Stream 2 = disabled, the USB Bridging will then function through the Solstice Pod: