How To | Editing PIN rules on the Telephone Paging plugin

Learn how to change the PINs on your telephone paging plug-in in a few simple steps.

Updated at November 15th, 2023


Use the steps below to edit the PIN rules on the Telephone Paging plugin

  1. Add the Telephone Paging plugin to your design.
  2. Emulate/Save to Core and Run the design.
  3. Open the plugin and copy the JSON string from the PIN rules field.
  4. Paste the string into notepad (or another text editor like Notepad ++ or VS Code).
  5. Make the changes to the rules according to the Telephone Paging Plug-in help file.
    1. Press F1 to open Help, or go to Documents\QSC\Q-Sys Designer\Assets\qsc-managed-plugins\TelephonePaging.\content
  6. Copy the edited string back into the PIN rules text field.