How To | Control volume in Zoom Rooms using Attero Tech unDUSB

Learn how to adjust the volume in your Zoom Room using an Attero Tech unDUSB audio device.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


In cases where the custom Attero Tech USB Audio v4.59.0 driver cannot be installed, the following workaround will allow volume control in Zoom Rooms. 


The inability to install is most typical in SurfaceHub and SurfacePro devices as they require special administrative rights.


The unDUSB has unique volume control in that the output signal must be handled by the application as Windows System Volume has no effect.

In the case of Zoom Rooms, the software volume control utilizes the System Volume rather than direct control from the application. The remote volume control will currently have no effect on this software.

The following workaround will allow users ability to lower output volume from the application to a suitable level from the Windows PC running the Zoom Rooms software. 

  1. Open Zoom Rooms and start session as normal.
  2. Press the Windows Key , then Settings to bring up the Settings Window.

  1. Click System.

  1. Select Sound, then click on App volume and device preferences under Other sound options.

  1. In App volume and device preferences, scroll to find the volume slider for Zoom Rooms.

  1. If the unDUSB is not the Windows Default Sound Device, it is necessary to choose it from the drop down menu.

  1. The application volume slider may now be adjusted from this window and closed when desired level is set.