How To | Configure PIM-SM multicast routing on a Cisco SG300 switch

Learn step-by-step how to configure PIM-SM multicast routing on a Cisco SG300 switch.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


The SG300 is a small business switch and does not have a multicast routing feature. PIM-SM multicast routing is typically available only on true business- and enterprise-class network switches, so consider using a Cisco CAT3750X, CAT3850, CAT4500, CAT6500, or Nexus switch instead. Keep in mind, though, that multicast routing is part of an IP Service feature set that requires an additional licensing cost.

The accompanying graphic shows the details for configuring multicast routing on a Cisco CAT3750 Series switch; the other models are similar. 

Multicast routing setup on Cisco CAT3750 Series switch