How To | Configure IP SIP port with Avaya phone system

Learn how to configure an IP SIP port with Avaya phone system to maximize efficiency and performance.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


By default Avaya Aura Session Manager and IP Office use the standard network port for the SIP protocol, TCP or UDP port 5060.


SIP send and receive ports are configurable in most VoIP systems, so they will not necessarily ALWAYS be port 5060.  The documents linked above show screen shots where those can be found if different. 



To accommodate manually set SIP ports, lets look at an example, pretending the configured port is to use 5167.

  1. While connected to the Q-SYS system (or while emulating the design).
  2. Open the Softphones tab in Q-SYS Administrator.
    1. The SIP Port setting represents the listening port of the Softphone.  It should correspond to the session manager's SIP transmit port.
    2. In the Edit Softphone dialog, the Proxy field must be edited to match the listening port of the session manager. "<port number>" must be appended to the proxy address to change the Softphone destination port.
  3. After making changes, make sure to hit the Update button at the top of the Administrator page so the new settings will take effect.

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