How To | Changing the color of a button using Lua scripting

Learn how to change the color of a button in a user interface by using Lua scripting, allowing you to customize the appearance of your buttons in Lua-based applications.

Updated at January 2nd, 2024

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This steps below describe a simple way to change the color of a button using Lua Scripting. This can be useful to visual determine the state of a controls by color.

  1. Drag the scripting component Text Controller into the design.
  2. Add a control to the Text Controller.  Set the control to Toggle.
  3. Name the button “Btn”.
  4. Open the script editor. Copy this code snippet into your script:
Controls["Btn"].EventHandler = function() --This line captures the state change of the button press and runs function 

	if Controls["Btn"].Boolean == true then --This line looks at the button presses state to determine if true or not 

		Controls["Btn"].Color = "Green" --sets buttoncolor to Green when true
		Controls["Btn"].Color = "Red" --sets button color to Red when false

Color can be applied to buttons, faders, knobs and text box colors and others .