How To | Burn a CF module for the TSC-8

Learn how to safely burn a CF module for the TSC-8 to maximize device functionality.

Updated at November 29th, 2023

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Table of Contents



  • You will need to use a Compact Flash (CF) drive, either one built-in your PC (some PCs have extra card readers).
  • OR use a USB-to-Card-Reader "hub".
  1. Power-down the TSC-8 and pull the CF module from the TSC-8. 
    • Alternately, you can purchase a new CF module, 1 Gb in size is fine.
  2. Insert the CF module into the reader. 
  3. Download and extract these two files: 
  4. After downloading AND extracting those two files, use this screen-capture to guide you in burning the TSC-8 image to the CF module.

  1. When the burning is done, insert the CF into the TSC-8 and power it up. 
    • It should reboot once or twice on its own, eventually yielding a Q-SYS splash screen. 
    • It should then be visible in the Q-SYS Configurator screens. 
  2. Make a simple design with only the Core and the TSC-8 in the inventory, named exactly as they appear in the Configurator (upper and lower case per the NAME field). 
  3. Drag their Status blocks from the Inventory to the Schematic -- no other blocks or design elements. 
  4. Push that design into the Core (Save to Core and Run). 
    • The TSC-8 should now automatically get a firmware update (or downgrade) to match the Core firmware. 
  5. If successful, go ahead and load your desired Q-SYS design into the Core. All should be fine at this point.