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Updated at May 14th, 2024


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New Releases

AVPro-Edge-AC-MV-41 v1.0

Release Notes

  • Initial Release



Q-SYS Designer Software v9.10 or later is required

  • Asset Description - Here is a list of some of the features of this plugin:
    • Independent source switching of the Multi-View output.
    • Control of the Multi-View output including Volume, Balance, Mute, and EQ Mode selection.
    • Choose from a selection of Tiler Multi-View layouts, configure the video sources for each tile and choose the audio source.
    • Save/Delete/Edit Tiler Multi-View presets.
    • Active Video Input and Active Audio Input - the user can click on a tile to set the source of the tile as the active video input.
  • Product Description - From a single HDMI 2.0 output, the AVPro Edge AC-MV-41 Multi-View video processor simultaneously displays as many as four separate sources on any size monitor, television, or projector. This versatile Multi Viewer/Tiler may be used stand-alone, enabling four directly connected sources to be viewed as a composite image, video wall style, or independently full-size with input switching control.


BirdDog Encoder/Decoder v1.0.0.1

Release Notes

  • Fixed decodeStatus for 4K HDMI decoders

Bluestream ACM200/500 v1.0.0.7

Release Notes

  • Fixed queueing of commands

Magewell USB Fusion v1.1

Release Notes

  • Addressed memory leak caused by Websocket reconnections

PJLink v3.3

Release Notes

  • Fix for parsing error when lamp hours returns an error code.

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