How To | Update QDS to v8.x from v7.2

Gain the know-how to upgrade to the latest version of QDS with a step-by-step guide to transitioning from v7.2.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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Table of Contents


Before you can update a core to v8.x, it needs to be stepped up to v7.2.1 first.

If you try to load a design in Q-SYS Design Software v8.x into a Core Processor with a firmware version below v7.2.1, an error message will pop up to warn that the process cannot complete without first updating the Core Processor (and any peripheral Q-SYS devices) to v7.2.1. 

Once the firmware update is done, you may load the v8.x design into the Core Processor; it will also update the firmware of the Core and peripherals further to v8.x, matching the version of Q-SYS Designer Software.

  1. Visit the Q-SYS Designer Software archives.
  2.  Locate, download, and install QDS v7.2.1.
  3. Open Q-SYS Designer Software v7.2.1.
  4. Create a new design.
  5. Drag the Status Block of the Core Processor onto the design schematic.
  6. Add all the Q-SYS peripheral devices that are in the Q-SYS network. 
  7. Drag their status blocks onto the design schematic and all the peripheral devices.
  8. Assign names that match their assigned names in the real design.
  9. Click File > Save to Core & Run or press F5. This will push the v7.2.1 firmware into the Core Processor and peripheral devices.
  10. Once the update is complete, close Q-SYS Design Software v7.2.1.
  11. Open Q-SYS Design Software v8.x.
  12. Create a design just like before. 
  13. Name the Core Processor and Q-SYS peripheral devices as you did in the prior design.
  14. Click File > Save to Core & Run or press F5. This will push the v8.x firmware into the Core Processor and peripheral devices.

When the new update is complete, open the real design. Now that the Core Processor and peripheral devices are updated to v8.x, you can save this design to the Core Processor and run it.