FAQ | Can a Q-SYS Core processor decode Atmos audio with the Atmos Digital Interface component?

Read this article to learn if a Q-SYS Core processor can decode Atmos audio with the Atmos Digital Interface component.

Updated at May 17th, 2023

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No. All Atmos decoding happens at the Dolby Atmos processor, while the Core serves as DSP/control for audio over the network. The Atmos Digital Interface controller is a pre-configured AES67 streaming I/O component that is designed to closely match the Dolby Atmos CP850 and IMS3000 cinema processors' factory settings for ease of installation. Some setup is still required, as Dolby updates their products frequently. Installations can differ and some may require unique approaches, especially on the network side. However, the Atmos Digital Interface controller greatly simplifies the process.