FAQ | Are the Q-SYS NS Series network switches configured to support VoIP?

Learn how Q-SYS NS Series network switches can be configured to support VoIP.

Updated at May 23rd, 2023

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The switches are targeted at applications that utilize a dedicated AV network – cameras, I/O Frames, amplifiers, touchscreen controllers, etc. – all connected to a Q-SYS Core using the NS Series network switch. VoIP does not typically traverse that local AV network. 

Normally, VoIP enters the Core using a separate auxiliary network port which is connected to the corporate IT network, and as a result, the NS Series switch configuration does not need to support VoIP setup in most situations. VoIP can pass through the switches and will be treated as best-effort, which when compared to the real-time requirements of the Q-LAN audio and video data, is likely to be sufficient.