Troubleshooting | CX-Qn & DPA-Qn - Front panel display flashing on firmware 9.5

Updated at July 7th, 2023

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Table of Contents

Affected Products

  • 4-Channel amplifiers
    • CX-Qn 2K4, CX-Qn 4K4, CX-Qn 8K4
    • DPA2K4Qn, DPA4K4Qn, DPA8K4Qn
  • 8-Channel amplifiers
    • CX-Qn 4K8, CX-Qn 8K8
    • DPA4K8Qn, DPA8K8Qn


After installing the firmware version 9.5, the affected amplifiers may exhibit the following behavior:

  1. On the front panel, the buttons do not respond and display alternates flashing between QSC logo and white screen.
  1. In Q-SYS Designer, the affected amplifier will flash in the Inventory pane at the same rate with the front panel.


On the Q-Sys Designer app, the amplifier's status in the schematic page is OK and the amplifier can pass audio normally.



This is a current firmware bug.

Solution | Workaround

  • Downgrading firmware to a previous version to correct the screen issue.
  • Issue will be corrected in a future Q-SYS release.