Troubleshooting | TSC touch panel keeps going offline

Understand why a TSC touch panel is going offline and learn how to troubleshoot the issue.

Updated at May 4th, 2023

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Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series TSC Series
Software n/a


TSC touch panel keeps going offline


While not a definitive list of every possible reason for touch panels going offline, the following factors can affect connectivity of TSC touch panels.

  • Network switch configuration issues
  • UCI assignment issues in the design

Solution | Workaround

The following are some things to check to help resolve TSC connectivity issues.

Network Switch Configuration

  • "Green Ethernet" (Energy Efficient Ethernet) should be turned off on the network switch. When enabled, ports for Q-SYS peripherals may end up being turned off by the switch.
  • Auto-speed negotiation can create problems on some switches. It is best to turn off auto-speed negotiation on ports related to touch panels and lock them at 100MB.
  • In some instances, enabling Flow Control may also help, typically for the TSC-7 touch-panels.

UCI Assignment & Design

  • Ensure that a UCI is assigned to the touch panel's Status/Control component in the design.
  • Complex UCIs have been known to prevent some touch panels from loading their designs, or result in frequent resets of the panel. These UCI best practices may help:
    • Replace any video preview windows on the UCI with the Media Display control released in Designer 9.2.1.
    • Reduce the overall number of control elements in a UCI.
    • Consolidate UCI Pages and Layers when possible to reduce their overall quantity.
    • Reduce the resolution of image files included in a UCI to a resolution that closely matches the resolution as they would be shown on the touch panel.
    • Set a UCI’s Swipe Disabled property to 'Yes' and Enable Button Swipe to 'No' if possible.
    • Avoid having multiple UCI Layer Visibility Transitions happening at the same time.
    • Reduce the number of active VU meters in a UCI to reduce the amount of data received by the TSC panel.
    • Avoid using VU Meters using the Segmented Meter Type