FAQ | Why does the "Locate" button on my Axon C1 plug-in keep turning off?

Learn why the Locate button on your Axon C1 plug-in keeps turning off.

Updated at May 23rd, 2023


The "Locate" button in the plug-in can only change when forced to do so by an external event. There are three such events:
  1. The "Locate" control was "copied" to an external UI and the user is exercising the control and changing the buttons state.
  2. The buttons control pin has been exposed and the external logic attached to the pin is driving it to the "off" state.
  3. Pushing the design file to the core which has the "Locate" button in the off state.
Pushing a design file from Designer will set the state of the "Locate" button to whatever state is saved/indicated in the design file. If this is off, every time that design is pushed, the "Locate" button's state will be forced to be off.

To prevent this from happening, do the following:
  1. Push the design
  2. Change the state of the "Locate" button to on
  3. Save the design (Either File->Save or Ctrl-S)