FAQ | What is needed to activate my Q-SYS Feature License?

Gain an understanding of what is required to activate and use your Q-SYS Feature License.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Entitlement ID

The Entitlement ID is a 36 character text string. Purchased from QSC through your normal Sales Channel, typically distributed via automated email, provides access to the purchased software features.


License String

The License String is a 1,574 character text string. Provided by the QSC Licensing Server to activate the purchased features on your Q-SYS Core.


License File

The License File is a text file containing one or more License Strings for easy transfer between PC’s and upload to your Q-SYS Core.


Q-SYS Core Locking ID

The Q-SYS Core Locking ID us a unique identifier for your Q-SYS Core, used to enable your purchased software features on your Q-SYS Core.


Q-SYS Core Model

The Q-SYS Core Model is a text string detailing the exact model of your Q-SYS Core.