FAQ | Is the Q-SYS softphone certified as a Microsoft Skype for Business or Teams Endpoint?

Learn how the Q-SYS Softphone interacts with Skype for Business or Teams, and whether it is certified as an endpoint.

Updated at May 17th, 2023


The Q-SYS softphone is NOT a MS-certified endpoint.  The Q-SYS softphone is only compatible with the Skype for Business environment by enabling the S4B SIP mediation server, but QSC cannot support clients through enablement and testing of this solution.

There are two suggested solutions for direct interface of Q-SYS to MS S4B or Teams:

  1. Client PC with USB interface from Q-SYS to an IO-USB Bridge
  2. Analog Q-SYS telephony connected to a Microsoft Certified analog telephone adapter (ATA).