FAQ | How many of the Q-SYS NL Series network loudspeakers can I power from my switch?

Gain insight into how many Q-SYS NL Series network loudspeakers you can power from your switch.

Updated at April 24th, 2023

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The number of loudspeakers that may be powered is directly related to the power supply of the PoE switch. For example, it is common for PoE switches to allow powering devices on any port, but often the PoE switch does not have a power supply adequate to allow full PoE/PoE+power to all ports at the same time. There is no single answer to this question and will vary across switch manufacturers and must be calculated by taking the total PoE power budget divided by the power draw of each loudspeaker. In PoE Class 0 mode, the loudspeaker will draw up to 15.4 W at the PoE switch port. In PoE+ 802.3at Class 4 mode, the loudspeaker will draw up to 30W at the PoE switch port depending upon the audio content.