FAQ | How can I send controls from one Core to another?

Gain knowledge about sending data and commands from one Core to another using a messaging protocol.

Updated at May 17th, 2023


In some circumstances, it may be useful to send controls from one to Core to another (like Core-to-Core streaming, but for control purposes). The easiest way to achieve this is with the use of Control Links. A Control Link component can be found in the Control Components section of the Schematic Elements. It can be configured as a Client or a Server and you must add the type and quantity of controls you want it to send or receive.


  • Trigger buttons must be sent from Client to Server.
  • Read-only controls such as LEDs, meters, and text displays must be sent from Server to Client.
  • All other controls (such as toggle/momentary buttons, knobs, text edits, etc.) are controlled in both directions - that is, if the control is changed on the Server, it will change on the Client and vice versa

To learn more about the functionality of Control Links, see the Q-SYS Help topic.