FAQ | Can I use more than 8 Q-SYS softphones with my Cisco CUCM call manager?

Learn how to configure Cisco CUCM so that it can support more than 8 Q-SYS softphones.

Updated at November 30th, 2023


Yes, but you would need to point every eight Q-SYS Softphones to a different CUCM cluster. 

Another option is to use Patton boxes with Q-SYS Softphones and make an analog POTS connection between the Patton box and CUCM ATA.

Patton offers 2 port and 4 port SmartNode devices which work well with Q-SYS Softphone to generate additional POTS connections:

  • Patton SmartNode SN4114 (model number: SN4114/JO/EUI)
  • Patton SmartNode SN4112 (model number: SN4112/JO/EUI)

General info

When adding 3rd Party SIP device (example: Q-SYS Core) to CUCM cluster it sees it as one SIP device with multiple lines (each line = one Q-SYS Softphone). Cisco 3rd party SIP device advanced has a maximum support of eight lines, since it would be odd for a 3rd party SIP phone to have more than 8 line extensions. CUCM started its life in the 1990’s when SIP DSP’s where not offered, I don’t think Cisco will every change this for 3rd party SIP devices.