How To | Use the proper power-on/off sequence for Q-SYS Cores and peripherals

Learn the right way to power on and off Q-SYS Cores and peripherals for optimal performance.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Unlike legacy analog audio, there is no specific order for powering on or off Q-SYS devices passing Q-LAN, AES67, or Dante audio. The equipment has to subscribe to an audio stream before generating any audio.

However, when analog audio sources are present, you should power on those first since they can generate pops and pows, followed by the rest of the system, leaving amplifiers for last. This includes a Core that is wired from the line outputs to amplifier line/mic inputs. Follow the reverse sequence for power-down, starting with amplifiers. Note that it is a good idea to wait a few seconds for the amplifiers to discharge before switching off the rest of the equipment.