How To | Understand System and Peripheral licenses in Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Learn about the different types of System and Peripheral licenses available in Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager to maximize their usage.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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System licenses are dynamically consumed by the number of Registered Cores across your Q-SYS Reflect Organization. A System (Core) that is offline (temporarily unable to connect to the Reflect servers) still consumes a System license. However, if you “unregister a Core” from the Enterprise Manager, it will make this System license available for use on another System (Core).

Peripheral licenses are dynamically consumed by the total number of Peripherals being monitored by all registered Q-SYS Cores across your Organization.

Scenario 1

A currently registered System A (Core) contains eight CX-Q Series amplifiers; therefore you have consumed one System license and eight Peripheral licenses.


Scenario 2

The design file running on System A’s Core processor is modified to include six ADDITIONAL SIX TSC touchscreen controllers. When the modified design is deployed to the Core and the Core reconnects with the Reflect server, six additional Peripheral licenses are consumed from your subscription in Enterprise Manager, for a total of one System license and 14 Peripheral licenses.  


If the modified design contains fewer Peripherals than the original design, then it will consume fewer Peripheral licenses after the Core reconnects to the Reflect Cloud.


The number of Allowed (purchased) and In Use (consumed) licenses is visible in Enterprise Manager. You can view this by: 

  1. Clicking on Organizations in the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click on the Organization name in the table to see the Overview. 
  3. This tab includes a Licensing table and also shows the currently selected Feature Tier for the Organization.