How To | Making Softphone Calls Between Two Cores

Updated at April 3rd, 2024

If you have two Cores, it is possible to register the softphone in "Unregistered" mode to allow calls between them.

Setup Procedure

  1. Add a softphone component to each Core.
  2. Give each a unique name (optional but recommended).
  3. Deploy the designs with the softphones.
  4. Got to Core Manger (QDS 8+) or Administrator (up through QDS 7) and open the Softphone tab.
  5. Choose the desired softphone and enter edit mode.
  6. Give the softphone a unique dialing number.
  7. In the proxy field, enter the IP address of the other Core you wish to call.
  8.  Save changes.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 on the second Core.

Test Procedure

  1. From the Softphone component of one Core, dial the second Core's assigned dial number on the keypad and press connect.
  2. The far end Core will pick up after the default setting of 2 rings.
  3. When done, hang up and the the call is ended.
  4. Repeat all steps to test the second Core.

This is also useful for testing the Telephone Paging Plug-In