How To | Get AES67 audio to a Q-SYS core processor from an Atlona OmniStream AV encoder

Learn how to set up an audio path from an Atlona OmniStream AV encoder to a Q-SYS Core Processor using AES67.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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When the SAP announcement is invalid, no AES67 audio data will flow because the Q-SYS core processor is not the clock (PTP) grandmaster.

To solve this, open the Atlona app and configure the OmniStream device this way:

  1. Click on System information.
  2. Select Session
  3. Turn off FEC enable. This disables forward error correction (FEC).

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  1. Select PTP
  2. Set Priority 1 to 255 and Priority 2 also to 255. This will assign the Q-SYS core processor the role of grandmaster.

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  1. Select Alarms. There may be one or more warnings that FEC cannot be enabled for AES67 audio streams. This is acceptable to ensure AES67 operation with the Q-SYS core processor.

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