How To | Create a ringing LED that only acts on incoming calls

Learn how to use an LED circuit to create a ringing visual indicator for incoming calls.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


The status of the ringing LED in the Softphone Status/Control block is TRUE in both incoming and outgoing calls. Some users, though, understandably prefer to have an LED indicator on incoming calls but not outgoing ones. A custom control in the Q-SYS design can do this. The procedure below describes how to construct it.

  1. Drag the Softphone Call Status component onto the design and enable the State control pin. The State control produces a string that describes the state of the call: inactive, active, outgoing, or incoming.
  2. Create a Custom Controls block. 
    1. In Group 1, select a Text edit type control on it. 
    2. In Group 2, select an LED type control.
  3. Tie the State control pin of the Softphone Status/Control component to the Text 1 input control pin of the Custom Controls component.
  4. Create a new Snapshot Bank. 
  5. Drag the Text Edit box onto it.
  6. Drag the Snapshot Bank component onto the design. 
  7. Enable the Match 1 control pin and tie it to the LED 1 control input pin.

  1. To run the design in emulation, click File > Emulate or press F6
    1. If the design is part of an active Q-SYS system, you can save it to the Core Processor (click File > Save to Core & Run or press F5).
  2. Type incoming in the Text box. 
  3. Open the Snapshot Bank component and click Save 1.

Now whenever the call state is incoming, the Match 1 output will activate LED 1. In a Q-SYS system you can verify this with an actual incoming call, or you can simulate its operation by opening the Softphone Status/Control component and using the Simulate incoming call and Disconnect buttons.