How To | Configure PIM-SM on a VLAN on a Cisco CAT3560X network switch

Gain an understanding of PIM-SM and learn how to configure it on a Cisco CAT3560X network switch to enable communication on a VLAN.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


The CAT3560X Series switches have three available feature sets: LAN Base, IP Base, and IP Services. All require a valid license from Cisco to activate. PIM-SM multicast routing is an item in the IP Services feature set. If you cannot configure PIM-SM, the switch may have the incorrect license.

To check the license in the switch, connect a computer to the switch’s console port and open a terminal emulation window. At the command prompt type show ver and press Enter.

The switch will reply with three lines of information: License Level, License Type, and Next reload license level. The License Level must be ipservices to allow PIM-SM functions. Contact Cisco to purchase licenses or resolve any licensing problems.

On newer Cisco equipment the feature set is controlled via a license key. On older Cisco products it was controlled by the IOS file loaded into flash.