How To | Allocate speakers for multichannel LPCM audio on NV-32-H

Learn how to assign multiple LPCM audio channels to different speakers on an NV-32-H device.

Updated at June 23rd, 2023


The NV-32-H cannot accept multichannel bitstream audio (Dolby or DTS-encoded audio streams). However, the NV-32-H can accept up to 8 channels of LPCM audio on every HDMI input.


Most consumer sources have the ability to decode bitstreams within the source and send the decoded Dolby or DTS audio as LPCM multichannel audio.


Once an NV-32-H is receiving multichannel LPCM audio, it is important to know the speaker allocation for each audio channel. Several consumer sources have been tested and all of them have shown the following to be true:

  • Channel 1: L (left)
  • Channel 2: R (right)
  • Channel 3: LFE (low-frequency extension)
  • Channel 4: C (center)
  • Channel 5: Ls (left surround)
  • Channel 6: Rs (right surround)
  • Channel 7: Lb (left back)
  • Channel 8: Rb (right back)


It is possible that some devices do not follow this speaker allocation. Most should, however.