How To | Enable Auto Framing on Q-SYS NC Series cameras

Learn how to enable the Auto Framing feature on Q-SYS NC Series cameras.

Updated at June 28th, 2024


Auto Framing is support on the NC 110, NC 12x80 and NC 20x60

To enable Auto Framing in Q-SYS Designer, follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Open the camera Status component.
  2. Go to the Auto Framing tab.
  3. Select the green ‘Enable’  button.
  4. Modify the Frame Padding and Deadband to achieve optimal space around the subject.


    Deadband allows for faces to move around the frame more freely when set to higher values. Adjust this as needed with the Frame Padding setting to tighten or loosen the frame. 

  5. Set the transition speed to determine how fast the image moves when new faces are added or removed
  6. If face count is enabled, the number of faces in the frame will be polled
  7. Enabling ‘Outline Faces’ will outline faces within the field of view with a green box. Use this as a diagnostic tool to find issues in the scene and auto framing operation.