How To | Install Plugin from Asset Manager

Learn step-by-step instructions on how to install plugins from Asset Manager

Updated at January 16th, 2024

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Asset Manager provides a web-hosted repository of all QSC authored and moderated plugins from within the Q-SYS Designer Software, enabling users to quickly install, update, and manage these files.

Use the following steps for Installing Plugins from Asset Manager:


Internet connection is required to access Asset Manager.

  1. Open Q-SYS Designer Software.
  2. Access Asset Manager through the Tools Menu, or by clicking on the Asset Manager logo.

  1. Browse or search available plugins.
  2. Once desired Plugin has been located click install button located under current version information.
  3. Previous version may be installed from the version pull down menu Asset Manager Plugin description page.

  1. Once the package has been installed, the plugin can be accessed in the design under the Plugins Menu from the Schematic Elements Section of Designer.