FAQ | Who is a Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager End User and what is the QSC Support Policy related to Enterprise Manager End Users?

Learn who a Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager End User is and what the QSC Support Policy is related to them.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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An organization or individual who directly owns Q-SYS systems or equipment and uses them as part of their business is considered an Enterprise Manager End User.  An end user may purchase a Managed Services contract that utilizes Enterprise Manager through a Reflect Reseller (a small number of service providers per region) or directly from QSC.  

Direct subscribers are defined as customers who will use Enterprise Manager themselves or delegate access to their own System Integrator partner(s).

End User Support

  • End users who have a managed services contract with a Reflect Reseller should seek support through that Reseller.
  • End users who have subscribed directly from QSC are entitled to support for Enterprise Manager through the QSC self-help portal with the expectation of response within two business days of creating the support case.


An Enterprise Manager subscription is not a service contract for Q-SYS systems; it does NOT entitle an end user to direct support of Q-SYS systems, i.e. addressing faults in a given Q-SYS system as reported by Enterprise Manager.  These support issues should always be resolved through the Q-SYS installer/integrator.